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The primary long-term goal behind FuktCentrum is to improve knowledge regarding the design and construction of new buildings and renovations of existing buildings in order to ensure a proper remediation of moisture damages in buildings.

In addition to research activities, FuktCentrum also concentrates on informing and educating the building industry on these issues.

Our vision is that the knowledge behind how and why moisture problems occur in buildings should be raised for all actors in the building sector (clients, contractors, engineers, architects, material suppliers, project managers, carpenters, general labour, etc) to a level where damages and health problems attributed to moisture problems because of a lack on knowledge becomes rare.

Projects should always include a systematic method of way of preventing these problems from occurring already during the design phase.

Material manufacturers should be able to provide documentation in regards to the moisture limits of the material with respect to durability, emissions, etc.

The contractors should protect the building site during construction by covering the structure against rain and take into account the moisture in materials before sealing in materials.

The client should understand that they must ensure the moisture control barriers of the building always function during the entire life of the building. 



FuktCentrum is driven by a vision of healthy homes and buildings, where moisture problems no longer compromise people's health, inflict financial loss, and increase the stain on our environment.


FuktCentrum's mission is to ensure that good practices with regard to preventing moisture problems are implemented in every building project in Sweden.


To accomplish our mission, information relating to moisture problems must be made accessible to the building industry and the industry must have an incentive to use it. For that reason, we will act on two objectives.

1. We will be the #1 training and knowledge resource for Swedish building designers and moisture consultants with regard to the prevention of moisture problems in buildings and homes.

2. We will work to motivate building owners and contractors to incorporate the advice of moisture experts early in the planning process.

Key Insights

70-80% of all problems in buildings are moisture-related.

70-80% of all moisture problems can be identified in the building plans.

70-80% of all moisture problems are preventable.

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